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Sales, Service, and Spare Part Supplier of Industrial and Marine Equipment in Indonesia

PT. Heifer Pratama Bakti is a trusted sales, service and spare part supplier of industrial and marine equipment in Indonesia. Located in Batam, Indonesia, Hefer provides all the service, maintenance, tools and manpower to help your industry.

With the expertise and complete knowledge on the industrial and marine equipment, Hefer provides all the complete service including guaranteed service delivered to any companies in the fastest and efficient ways.

Supplier of Industrial and Marine Equipment in Indonesia

Marine industries. Photo: Pxhere.com

If you have businesses on industrial scale or marine related you need a trusted supplier that knows and understands all the aspects needed to operate. Especially if you deal with clients or shipping from and to Indonesia, a reliable supplier of industrial and marine equipment in Indonesia is a must-have. 

It will bring a greater risk if you deal with non-reputable suppliers. Since all the industrial and marine equipment need great care and professional skills to perform at its best, there are no rooms for errors or mistakes. That is one of the most crucial reasons why a trusted supplier like Hefer becomes a great recipe for success in any industrial company.

Sales, Service and Spare Parts Provided by Hefer

Hefer that operated on its headquarters in Batam provides all the sales, service and spare parts of industrial and marine equipment has a series of all needs on the industry. Some of the main equipment as follows:

1. SDEC Series Engines

One of the industrial and marine equipment provided by Hefer that is located in Batam, Indonesia is SDEC Series Engines. These are Shanghai Diesel Engine Co. Ltd (SDEC). This engine is a high-standard product that comes from intensive development and research from all the manufacturing.

Those include the engine, engine parts and all components under the supervision of professional and world-class production lines.

2. Marine Gearbox

Hefer also gives all the needs of sales, service and spare parts of marine gearbox. The equipment is designed to provide a power range from 10kW up to 3,000kW. With the gear ratio from 1.5 and 20:1. 

All of the gearbox uses an iron housing cast. These products are widely used on all kinds of vessels, fishing vessels or other ships. 

When your company order a marine gearbox from Hefer you will get these features:

  • Clutch and de-dutching functions
  • A bearing propeller thrust and speed reduction system
  • A solid gearbox construction
  • Suitable for any high, medium and low-speed diesel engines

3. Hefer Marine and Industrial Generator Set

The difference between a vessel that can travel and navigate safely can come from its generator. Since this is a component that provides power to vessels able to sail. A marine generator has a great design that is compact and able to withstand the vessel workload. 

Other generator set from Hefer is an industrial generator. This machine was able to be used over 500,000 up to 1,000,000 miles before needing to experience a major overhaul. If the time has come to perform an overhaul, Hefer will provide the service and spare parts to make you worry-free. Your company will not have to get stalled on its production and deliveries.

When your industry or marine industry company needs all the sales and services, Hefer is the solution. From its headquarters in Batam, you can get all you need on industrial and marine equipment in Indonesia. 

For further information please contact +62 778 410 2223. The professional staff will assist you to get all your industrial and marine equipment to fulfill your company agenda and goals.

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