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Hefer Provide Complete Anchor and Accessories

Do you know one vital piece of equipment to keep a boat or vessel from moving into other parts of seas or waters? The equipment mentioned above is an anchor. Hefer, as one of the most reliable industrial and marine equipment suppliers in Indonesia, provides a complete anchor and its accessories. 

Considering the importance of this equipment, each company should have a top-notch quality anchor and accessories. The last thing you want to experience is when it’s launched into the waterbed, but your vessel keeps moving. 

What Is The Function of an Anchor?

Illustration of an anchor. Photo: Wallpaperflare.com

According to Britannica, the main function of an anchor is to hold ships or vessels. At the beginning of its development, an anchor is made from wood. After a moment, from iron. Add some teeth or flukes to dig the ocean floor deeper. 

Another development is the addition of a horizontal arm that can ensure the anchor arms can be in a vertical position when slammed into the seabed. During the progress of marine industries, anchors were not only used for a vessel to stop moving. 

It is also beneficial for other subsea structures. For instance, off-shore oil rigs. This heavy-duty equipment is required to connect the semi-submersible structures to the seabed or ocean floor. 

If you are in the marine industry, you know how vital this ballast component is. That is why you need to find a trusted supplier for your business and company. 

Hefer Deliver a Complete Anchor and Accessories

Once you grasp the importance of an anchor to stop or stabilize ships, vessels, or even semi-submersible structures, now it is time to get those from a reliable supplier. You must remember, that the marine industry is a high-standard work environment. To fulfill your needs, Hefer delivers a complete anchor and accessories. 

Here is the choice of product:

1. Stockless JIS Anchor

Illustration of a stockless anchor. Photo: Wallpaperflare.com

Hefer is a supplier of a stockless JIS anchor. There are strong reasons why this kind of equipment has become one of the featured products. 

First, a stockless JIS anchor is made from high-quality carbon steel. Second, it has magnificent holding power but it is easy to put into storage. Third, this type of anchor is suitable for ships to encounter all types of seabed. Fourth, a stockless anchor has a simple design but rugged construction so it is so easy to handle. 

2. Anchor Chain

Illustration of an anchor chain. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

To attach the anchor to the vessels or structure, you need an anchor chain. The main purpose of an anchor chain is to make sure the equipment to hold a ship can be secured to the vessels and also can be easily raised when it is needed. 

One thing is for sure, these parts must be able to withstand enormous forces and ocean conditions. Hefer, a trusted marine and industrial supplier in Batam, Indonesia provides a long-lasting anchor chain to complete your business and company needs. 

3. Chain Stopper

Illustration of chain stoppers. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Another main part of an anchor is a chain stopper. This component is a must-have to hold the anchor while the vessels or ships are moving. Also, it will help the chain to release or retract and hold it on a certain length. 

A chain stopper is crucial so the anchor can stop. But this part needs to be strong enough to withstand the forces of gravity when it stops the anchor movement. That is why you need to have a good quality chain stopper from trusted marine industry suppliers such as Hefer. 


Anchor is the main part of marine vessels or structures. It can help a ship to be stable on exact coordinates. It also can stabilize semi-submersible structures. If you are in the marine industry, you need to occupy yourself with a complete anchor and its accessories.

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