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Sales, Service, and Spare Part Supplier of Industrial and Marine Equipment in Indonesia

PT. Heifer Pratama Bakti is a trusted sales, service and spare part supplier of industrial and marine equipment in Indonesia. Located in Batam, Indonesia, Hefer provides all the service, maintenance, tools and manpower to help your industry. With the expertise and complete knowledge on the industrial and marine equipment, Hefer provides all the complete service […]

Hefer Provide Complete Anchor and Accessories

Do you know one vital piece of equipment to keep a boat or vessel from moving into other parts of seas or waters? The equipment mentioned above is an anchor. Hefer, as one of the most reliable industrial and marine equipment suppliers in Indonesia, provides a complete anchor and its accessories.  Considering the importance of […]

5 Main Marine Equipment Supplied by Hefer

There are some numbers of main marine equipment supplied by Hefer. These components can help all industries and companies move faster and more efficiently helping every process go smoothly.  In this article, we will talk about below equipment: Marine engines Marine generator set Marine winch Marine windlass Marine steering gear 1. Marine Engines To get […]

How To Know a Reliable Industrial Equipment Supplier

To get a reliable industrial equipment supplier in hand is critical for any business. If you want to equip your assembly line with top-notch equipment, you need to find the right supplier.  If you are handling business in Indonesia, there are things to consider when you try to look for a reliable industrial equipment supplier. […]

Marine Crane Supplier in Indonesia

Indonesia one of the maritime countries has a great demand for marine equipment. One of those heavy-duty tools needed is a crane. Hefer provides all the solutions as a marine crane supplier in Indonesia.  The marine sector is crucial for a country with many harbors like Indonesia. There are nearly 82 harbors across the landscape […]