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5 Main Marine Equipment Supplied by Hefer

There are some numbers of main marine equipment supplied by Hefer. These components can help all industries and companies move faster and more efficiently helping every process go smoothly. 

In this article, we will talk about below equipment:

  • Marine engines
  • Marine generator set
  • Marine winch
  • Marine windlass
  • Marine steering gear

1. Marine Engines

Illustration of an engine.  Photo: Pixnio.com

To get all the marine equipment moving, you need a powerful engine with a guaranteed quality.  A marine engine is a machine used to propel a boat. It is an off-road engine installed or to be installed on a seagoing vessel.

Whether you are using a small vessel or a large international ship, there are two main types of engines. Whether it is a four-stroke or two-stroke engine, it is installed on the ocean vehicle to serve a propulsion system.

2. Marine Generator Set

Illustration of a marine generator set. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Another main marine equipment from Hefer is a marine generator. The principles of this equipment are similar to all common generators you have seen before. The device is designed to generate energy. 

Marine generators can be found on just about every larger boat, from fishing boats to luxury yachts. However, never install it on a boat with a normal generator. Because marine generators are designed to withstand the harsh marine environment. No wonder marine generators are built and designed differently to withstand all of this.

3. Marine Winch

Illustration of a marine winch. Photo: Pikist.com

A large industry that does load or unload goods needs a marine winch. The common use is to lift large fishing nets or cages from the sea depth and put it on the ship deck. 

Usually, this equipment is placed on the rear deck mount or behind the captain’s deck. After the boat sailing, the winch has several functions. A winch can also be placed on smaller or remote docks.

These tools can come in handy for catching lobster or crab fish. Using a marine winch, it is not only possible to set up large mesh cages or plant pots, but also to hoist them from the depths of the ocean.

4. Marine Windlass

Illustration of a windlass. Photo: Wikimedia

Another main marine equipment supplied by Hefer is a windlass. This device grasps anchor chains and pulls them out from the water depth. Also, it deposits the chain on the deck or at the below deck. 

Windlasses to lower or raise anchors. The unit can withstand the enormous weight of the anchor. Anchor pull or release equipment uses a mechanical system to move large weights vertically or horizontally.

5. Marine Steering Gear

Marine Steering gear. Photo: Shipfever.com

Imagine your ship just like a car. Without a steering wheel, it will not be able to turn right or left. On the other hand, if you want to perform a similar action on a boat you are using a steering gear. 

It steers a ship to the left (portside) or right (starboard). But steering gear only works when the ship is moving. It doesn’t work when the boat is stationary.

Choose All The Main Marine Equipment From a Trusted Supplier

Some of the main equipment in this article is only a few. Hefer as a trusted marine and industrial equipment supplier offers you good-quality products to help you in your industries. 

Located on the strategic Batam Island of Indonesia, Hefer will serve you with equipment, service, and tools to become the first in your business!

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