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Welding Carriage HFR5B-2


The HFR5B-2 welding carriage is an advanced automation device designed to streamline welding operations. Key features include adjustable speed control, compatibility with various welding methods, track and traverse capabilities for consistent weld placement, user-friendly controls, robust construction, and enhanced weld quality. It boosts productivity and safety in industrial applications, making it valuable for long seams and repetitive welding tasks.


The advantages of the HFR5B-2 welding carriage are :

  1. Enhanced Efficiency : Automates welding processes, reducing manual labor and increasing overall efficiency.
  2. Consistent Weld Quality : Maintains a stable arc length, resulting in more consistent and high-quality welds.
  3. Versatilit: Compatible with multiple welding processes, adapting to various project requirements.
  4. Precise Speed Control : Adjustable welding speed control allows for precise weld bead deposition.
  5. Improved Productivity : Reduces welding time, increasing overall productivity and output.
  6. Safety Features : Equipped with safety features like emergency stop buttons, prioritizing operator safety.
  7. Suitable for Long Seams : Ideal for welding long seams and repetitive tasks, reducing operator fatigue.
  8. User-Friendly : User-friendly controls simplify parameter adjustments and operation.


Size 500x290x420mm
Power 24V
Weight 10KG
Range of welding torch adjusting up-down : 40mm range of working angle : ±45°
fore and after : 40mm range of adjusting angle : ±10°
Walking speed 50 – 1900mm/min (nixie display indicator)
Moving our-wheel drive (rubber wheel)
Operating function 1. No. 1 welding/not welding 6. No.2 welding/not welding
2. start walking 7. stop walking
3. choose walking direction (left-right) 8. adjust walking speed (nixie display indicator)
4. continuous welding time 9. stop distance
5. discontinuous welding time 10. arc retracting time (0-3.5 S)