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Welding Machine ZX7-350


The Hefer ZX7-350 welding machine, renowned for its versatility, portability, and robust construction, offers a 350-amp power output, user-friendly controls, and safety features like thermal overload protection, making it an indispensable tool for welders in diverse industries, ensuring both efficient MMA (stick) welding and operator well-being in various applications.


The advantages of the Hefer ZX7-350 welding machine :

  • Versatility : Suitable for various MMA (stick) welding applications, accommodating different materials and thicknesses.
  • High Power Output : With a maximum current of 350 amps, it handles both light and heavy-duty welding tasks.
  • Inverter Technology : Offers efficient and precise control over the welding arc, ensuring stable and consistent welding performance.
  • Portability : Compact and lightweight design allows for easy transportation and use on different job sites.
  • User-Friendly : Simple controls and adjustable settings make it accessible for welders of all skill levels.
  • Durability : Robust construction and quality components ensure longevity and reliability in challenging welding environments.
  • Wide Applications : Suitable for construction, fabrication, repair work, and various welding projects, providing flexibility and performance.
  • High Efficiency: Ensures cost-effective operation and reduced energy consumption.


Model ZX7-350
Input Voltage 3P AC380V
Frequency 50/60Hz
Rated Input Current 24A
Rated Output Current 34V/350A
Current Adjusting Range 25-350A
Insulation Class F
Shell Protection Class IP21S
Overall Dimension 525 x 280 x 410 MM