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Vaccum & Junction Machine JU90


The VACCUM & Juction Machine JU90 is a highly efficient and cost-effective cleaning solution. Its compact design, user-friendly operation, and low maintenance make it ideal for recovering metal abrasives. This system offers enhanced productivity, reduced failure risks, and seamless integration into the painting process. Plus, it’s easy to maintain and move, making it a practical choice for quality results.

The advantages of The VACCUM & Juction Machine JU90, are :

  • High Efficiency : The 90kW electric motor, -450mmHg vacuum pressure, and 3600 CMH air volume provide powerful and efficient cleaning capabilities for a wide range of applications.
  • Safety Features : Equipped with protection against wrong phase, overload, and dust level, ensuring safe and reliable operation.
  • Effective Dust Filtration : Cyclone and cartridge dust collectors, along with a continuous pulse-jet valve, efficiently filter dust, improving air quality and equipment lifespan.
  • Low Noise Level : Maintains a relatively low noise level at 85dB, enhancing operator comfort and compliance with noise regulations.
  • High Filtration Efficiency : Boasts a 0.05% filter efficiency, capturing fine particles for improved air quality in potentially hazardous environments.


Power Supply 3 Phase, 380-440V, 50Hz/60Hz
Process air volume 3600 CMH
Vacuum pressure -450 mm Hg
Rotation Speed 1318 rpm
Electric Motor 90 kw IP55 class F
Dust Filtration Cyclone and Cartridge Dust Collector
Continuous Pulse-jet Valve
Over Vacuum Protection Vacuum Relief Valve
Protection Wrong phase, overload, dust level
Filter Cleaning Periodic Reverse Air Jet
High Cleaning 0.05%
Filter Efficiency 85dB@5m radius scake A