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Pneumatic Fender 2000ml


The PNEUMATIC FENDER Model 2000mmL is a marine fender designed to protect vessels and wharfs from impact and abrasion. It is made of a reinforced rubber material and is filled with air, providing maximum protection with minimal weight. It is designed to be used in a variety of applications, including berthing, mooring, and towing.


The advantages of the PNEUMATIC FENDER Model 2000ml :

  • Impact Absorption : Effectively absorbs and dissipates energy from vessel impacts.
  • Versatility : Suitable for berthing, mooring, and towing applications.
  • Low Weight : Lightweight design eases handling and reduces stress on structures.
  • Ease of Installation : Quick and straightforward installation.
  • Durability : Constructed from durable, saltwater-resistant rubber materials.
  • Adaptability : Easily adjustable to accommodate various vessel sizes.
  • Reduced Hull Pressure : Distributes pressure evenly along the vessel’s hull.
  • Long Service Life : With proper maintenance, it offers a long-lasting solution.
  • Safety : Enhances safety by minimizing impact forces.
  • Environmental Friendly : Made from eco-friendly materials with no water pollution.