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Oil Water Seperator Set CYSC107-0.25


The CYSC107-0.25 is an industrial oil-water separator designed for efficient removal of oil contaminants from water sources. Its compact design makes it versatile for various settings, and it ensures compliance with stringent environmental regulations. With high-efficiency separation, durability, and user-friendly operation, it’s a reliable solution for sustainable industrial processes.

The advantages of the CYSC107-0.25 oil-water separator include:

  • Efficient Separation : Effectively removes oil contaminants from water sources.
  • Environmental Compliance : Helps industries meet environmental regulations by preventing oil pollution.
  • Compact Design : Space-saving and easy to install.
  • Industrial Versatility : Suitable for a range of industrial applications.
  • Cost-Effective : Reduces the environmental impact and associated costs of oil-contaminated water discharge.


Iteatment Volume 0.25 m³/h
Discharge Standard ≤ 15PPM
Desugn Oressyre Pressure 0.2 Mpa
Work Pressure 0.16 Mpa
Oil Discharge Mode Automatic / Manual
Pump System
Phunaer Pump DZ-0.25
Power 0.37 Kw
Suction Height of Pump ≤  5 m
Filter Output Water Pipe Dia 3/4″
Filter Input Water Pipe Dia
Filter Back Flushing Input Water Pipe Dia 1″
Filter Back Flushing Water Pipe Dia 3/4″
Pump Inlet Pipe Dia
Size L x W x H 702 x 460 x 1014
Net Weight (kg) 228