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Horizontal In-Line Centrifugal Pump Hefer ISW50-160(I)A 2


The Hefer ISW50-160(I)A is a reliable, horizontal centrifugal pump suitable for use with various liquids. It has a sturdy construction with a simple design for easy installation and maintenance. It’s versatile, compact, and ideal for small spaces.


The advantages of the Hefer ISW50-160(I)A pump :

  • Versatile: The pump can handle a wide range of liquids, making it suitable for various industrial applications.
  • Reliable: The pump has a sturdy construction with high-quality materials, ensuring reliable and efficient performance.
  • Easy to Install and Maintain: The pump’s simple design allows for easy installation and maintenance, saving time and money.
  • Compact: The pump has a small footprint, making it suitable for use in small spaces.
  • Continuous Operation: The pump is designed for continuous operation, making it ideal for applications that require a constant flow of liquid.


Diam 50 mm (2 Inch)
Flow 23.4 m³/h
Head 28 m
Material C.L
Power 4 Kw
Speed 2900 rpm
Motor 380V/50Hz/3Ph