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H Series Marine Engine 4-6 Cylinders

It is applied to small inland transportation boat, coastal fishing boat, high speed boat, passenger ship and other ships, as well as 50-150KW marine generator sets.


Note :

1. The flywheel house and flywheel are optional of SAE1# and SAE14# or SAE1# and SAE14#.

2. There are single-layer and dual-layer high pressure oil pipes optional.

Features :

1. With four-valve structure, centrally and vertically arranged fuel injector and new fuel mixing technology, this engine delivers high air intake efficiency, uniform atomization and good load transient response. Its working efficiency is improved by 12%.

2. The maximum torque is over l000N.m, and the torque reserve is as high as 36%, which is 20% higher than similar products.

3. The power and economy are both considered under common working conditions, and the minimum fuel consumption is 195g/kW.h.

4. A 180 BAR high combustion pressure design makes its environmental adaptability 7% higher than the similar products. Without auxiliary air intake heating device, the cold starting temperature is -15℃.

5. Frame type high strength alloy engine body, one-piece cylinder head and rear gear chamber result in small volume, light weight, high reliability and a noise of 3dB (A) lower than similar products.

6. By reference to SPS manufacturing standard of German Volkswagen, the average overhaul period is over 15000h, which is 50% longer than similar products.

SC4H 100CA – 175CA2 4 Cylinders 66 – 133 / 1500 – 1800 495 – 540 Main Engines
SC7H 175CA -250CA2 6 Cylinders 115 – 167 / 1500 – 2300 675 Main Engines
SC4H 95CF – 180CF2 4 cylinders 62 – 120 /1500 495 – 540 Auxiliary Engines
SC7H 230 – 250CF2 6 cylinders 154 – 168 /1500 675 Auxiliary Engines