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Gearbox Model 30


Marine Gearbox Model 30 is A robust and reliable gearbox designed specifically for marine applications. Known for its durability and efficient power transmission, it’s a trusted choice for boat propulsion systems, offering smooth operation and long-lasting performance on the water.

Advantages of Marine Gearbox Model 30:

Compact Design: compact size for easier installation & integration in to marine propulsion systems, optimizing space utilization on board.
Efficient Power Transfer: efficient power transfer from the engine to the propeller, maximizing performance and fuel efficiency.
Smooth Operation: smooth shifting and operation, reducing noise, vibrations, and harshness for a more comfortable boating experience.
Exceptional Durability: withstand the harsh marine environment, providing long-lasting durability and reliability.
Versatility: compatible with a wide range of marine engines and propulsion systems, offering versatility and flexibility for various vessel types and applications.
Precise Control: offers precise control over the propulsion system, allowing for seamless speed adjustments and maneuverability.
Maintenance-Friendly: ease of maintenance in mind, accessible components and service points, reducing downtime and optimizing operational efficiency.

Model 30
Ratio 3:1
Rated Input Speed 2000 r/min
Rated Transmit Power 0.015 kw/r/min